"Fast-fashion is dead. Long live your style."

Upstyler is an e-zine which promotes a revolutionary way of dressing by means of vintage and charity-shop buying, cementing itself as a kind of backlash against mass-consumerist shopping habits and the concept of fast fashion. 

I discovered the website whilst researching for a feature I wrote last year, which addressed the issue produced through our mass-consumption lead generation versus the increasing popularity of the vintage trend. 

Having immediately signed up to receive the free monthly limited edition printed newspaper, I was completely drawn into their simplistic yet graphic style, their unique newspaper approach (I’m a sucker for haptics) and the perfect balance between quirky art/craft/culture/fashion-led features and spreads, interviews, gorgeous fashion editorials and ‘click to shop’ fashion finds. 

They showcase clothes from charitable sources, such as Oxfam’s online shop, as well as often providing a platform for individual boutiques and up-and-coming designers that similarly promote the idea of ethical fashion as a shopping revolution. 

A collection of such finds can be found via the Upstyler shop, though the prices are a tad on the unaffordable side for student-budgeters like myself. Even so, the creators of the website are leading the way through their support of shopping-with-a-conscience, and I continue to look forward to my free monthly copy of Upstyler through the post. 

If you fancy some new reading matter and want to sign up to the Upstyler newspaper (which I’d definitely recommend), you can do so here. Happy reading and happy shopping!